What is the name of this Red N/S Tote?

  1. Thanks to MyCarryOn for the picture...

    What is the name of this Red N/S Tote? What line is it a part of? It's not the Expandable. It's more expensive than the Expandable.

    Does anyone have one and how do you like it? Is it soft calfskin?


    red chanel.jpg
  2. It actually is part of the expandable line, I bought the black version in Paris just recently 1750Euro, although I did not see it in the Nordstrom or NM lookbooks but did see it at the Chanel boutique and NM just recently. It also come in black, brown and white.

    I really like my bag though I havent used it yet. I think it looks very classic and chic, very timeless, not trendy at all since Chanel seems to introduce a drawstring/bucket shape almost every season. And it holds a ton.
  3. Not sure what line it's from, but I love it:heart: Are you thinking of buying it? DH are going to Paris 4th of December, and I can't wait to visit the Chanel Boutiques:nuts:
  4. Thanks for the info!

    Well, I really love to get different colors for my bags, that is what caught my eye with this beauty.

    But it is $2495 and I already have the Red Expandable tote which I think is the most gorgeous red ever, so I might be passing this one up.

    I just have rarely seen this bag featured on this forum so I was very curious.

    thanks again!
  5. I've seen it in black and white and it's gorgeous! Congrats !:drool: