What is the name of this piece?

  1. Greetings! I fell in love with this when i saw it on eBay, but i would like to buy it from legit store since eBay is just a step above fela-market....sigh I know it sucks :crybaby: If any one of you can tell me what is this name of this tote, when it first came out, dicountinue/stll in store, if so what's the price?

    I have post a thread regarding the auth. of this item in Chanel's sub forum, but didn't get any name of this tote. It's a relist from eBay.
    Front.jpg back.jpg bottom.jpg
  2. Here are some additional pix, this measurement are 10x8.5x4.5 accourding to seller's posting. I am not sure if i can post the link of this auction since i just join tPF this week, but you should be able to find it by 'Chanel Gray Denim' on eBay. Does Chanel even make this tote at all? Also how can i obtain Chanel's catalog? Thank you all for taking your time to help me out!:yahoo:
    handle.jpg interior view.jpg side.jpg
  3. Anyone? :sad:
  4. I don't know but i looooooooooooooooooove the bag :wtf:
  5. You can't ask it at a Chanel boutique :rolleyes:
  6. can't or can ask Chanel boutique? Is their 1800# 24/7? I work funny hours so by the time i get off, i usually get the answer machines :sad:
  7. i saw this at bloomies on 59th and lex a couple of months ago. i don't know if they still have it tho.
  8. no need to roll eyes, she asked for help. :rolleyes:
  9. what is 'lex'?
    Ohhh, how does the tote look in real life? Did you happen to know what's call or price? The SA here on Nordstrom aren't too friendly after i went to the store several times and asked a lot of questions but didn't make a purchase-was it b/c i went in w/o designer items, or i look like i can't afford it??

    For sure i will buy my first Chanel this Dec during the sale, but not sure if this tote will last that long til then? :sweatdrop:
  10. 59th Street and Lexington.:yes:
  11. Welcome!:heart:

    $ 825


    please post this in the authenticate this thread first if you are interested.
  12. yeah! I am going to call that store tomorrow and hopefully they can understand what i am asking ^^;
  13. maybe its called the camellia tote? they made a clutch/small bag in a similar design and it's called camellia.
  14. OH..I know this bag..I posted it a WHILE back..it was in the NM circular last season ish..hmmm......
  15. Oh Clue #2! Thank you Jill! Did u get this tote? If so, what do you think of it-can it stand daily useage? I take good care of my babies, their bottom never touch the floor, even if mine is on the floor, it still sit on my lap!:yes:
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