what is the name of this patent tote? tia

  1. it retails for 2795
  2. :yahoo: OMG it's actually funny i see this post (when i SHOULD be writing my final paper due in two hours)

    it is the DIAMOND SHINE tote...and it's not quite patent, it's like shiny glazed cavier - truly beautiful...

    how do i know this? because I am the proud owner of said beauty...and she happens to be perched on the desk right in front of me (i took her out for a spin today!)

  3. thanks, did you get yours for 2795? or has the price gone up recently as well?
  4. nope, that's the price i paid (branded to my memory)

    i don't think it's gone up...and it shouldn't have...only the classics went up, right? :confused1:

    are you considering getting one?!?!

    we can be twins!:graucho:
  5. Is that a pic Meagan sent you? I saw it at the store the other day. It's beautiful IRL.
  6. yes! she's so awsome!!!! and now i can't make up my mind again, i want everything, but unforutnatley i don't have the $$$ for everyting i want, so i have to be selective
  7. what else are you considering~?
  8. the tote efrias got and the cerf tote.
  9. ooh, *efrias*'s tote is cute - and such a great price too!

    shall i play devil's advocate and suggest you get them all? :graucho:

    what do you intend to use these for?
  10. the cerf tote could be used for work, the diamond shine i think is too flashy for work, and efrias i am not sure if i could use for work becuae of the zipped compartment in the middle, i typically bring a tupperware and a pair of pumps to change into when i go to work. so, i'm not really sure?? see how lost i am, i just want everything, life would be so much easier if i had $$$
  11. ooo, it's pretty :yes:
    and i do think it's not too flashy for work :p