What is the name of this new Cruise Denim?

  1. Custom Mini Pleaty - ~$2,600 US.
  2. Mini Pleaty I think, or a modified version of the one in the regular denim line. I saw it today for 2800$CAD (about 2620$US)
  3. Pretty pretty :smile:
  4. It officially launches tomorrow, but some have already received them!
  5. yeah that bag is super cute but the price is not
  6. I have stayed away from the denim, bacause it seems ludicrious to me that demin costs that much.

    but, damn this bag is cute. And the charms are crazy!
  7. The Custom Mini Pleaty is pretty but, it's low on my list at the moment.
  8. I'm not a fan of any bag that makes me jingle when I walk! LOL
  9. Hahaha. Same here. I mean at least if it's leather the price can be justified, but it's not-it's denim. I want a few denim bags myself, but I am not in a big rush to get them. They're not that impressive IMO.
  10. Not a big fan of the denim line in general but the charms r really pretty! The bag's a little on the heavy side b'cos of all the embellishments tho...
  11. I agree and here it is a LOT more....I think the charms are so cute:love: For that price I would rather get suhali or nomade:graucho: