What is the name of this MJ bag?so gorgeous..


Dec 10, 2005
Anyone seen this Marc Jacobs bag before?What is the name? I kinda like it......is that the latest collection? Nicole Richie own one in yellow.
I took the picture from Neimanmarcus.com


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It's from his perforated line--but I don't think it has a name. Usually he doesn't name his purses unless they're going to be a regular staple item, like the Blake, Sophia, Stella, etc. You see the "named" bags each season, just in different colors.
yea...im so dont know what to do when i see this bag pictures,, i wanna have it in whiskey!!! Its so gorgeous!Well, im not sure I can buy new bag at the moment, unless if I sell my Paddy...heheh
I guess its USD1250
Its so expensive right....But it looks really boring bag from the picture in Neimanmarcus site.But not from Nicole pictures down here..


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