What is the name of this MJ bag?so gorgeous..

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  1. Anyone seen this Marc Jacobs bag before?What is the name? I kinda like it......is that the latest collection? Nicole Richie own one in yellow.
    I took the picture from Neimanmarcus.com
    marc jacobs.jpg
  2. It's from his perforated line--but I don't think it has a name. Usually he doesn't name his purses unless they're going to be a regular staple item, like the Blake, Sophia, Stella, etc. You see the "named" bags each season, just in different colors.
  3. Ive got one more pic of this bag ...it looks so gorgeous.. I wanna have it so bad!:love:
  4. Thank you so much for the answer.
  5. OMG that marcjacobs bag is GORGEOUS! I just purchased a botkier but I am already thinking about getting this one! doe anyone know the Price (damage)? :wacko:
  6. yea...im so dont know what to do when i see this bag pictures,, i wanna have it in whiskey!!! Its so gorgeous!Well, im not sure I can buy new bag at the moment, unless if I sell my Paddy...heheh
    I guess its USD1250
  7. wow, that is really beautiful, definately the best of the perforated line.
  8. Perforated leather flap bag
  9. Thanks....anyone here own this bag? pls post picture.
  10. $1250 @ Neiman's indeed!
  11. Its so expensive right....But it looks really boring bag from the picture in Neimanmarcus site.But not from Nicole pictures down here..
    Campbell_Ni34508_400.jpg nicole.jpg Nicole_Rich35063_400.jpg
  12. OMG! She could totally fall right into one of the tiny loops in teh strap! LMAO!

    She's SO teeny!
  13. Wow, pricey....but cute.