what is the name of this Gucci tote?

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  1. I really love this tote, not sure where I got the picture, maybe eBay long time ago? Does Gucci still make this tote? I know the pink color combination might be discontinued, but are they still making totes like this? Thanks a lot!!:smile:
  2. I think it's called the Eclipse and they went on sale b/c they are no longer carrying this line.
  3. In the future.Please post this in NAME THAT GUCCI thread!
  4. This is the eclipse tote. You might want to try calling around to some of the stores to see if they still have it. I think some stores still had some left at the sales as recently as last week.
  5. Yes, last time I checked, they had a few at Gucci South Coast Plaza, and even the bigger size. I've seen a couple on eBay also.
  6. Since it was/is on sale I would also try calling the outlets.

    Gucci has 3 outlets in the US. NY, NJ, and CA
  7. That pink leather trim is so cute. I have that eclipse tote in the cream leather trim. It also come in black fabrick and also come in brown leather trim. They're onsale in the state right now,...
  8. Thank you all! I called several stores and they told me the eclipse was completely sold out and discontinued! Please let me know if anyone sees it in stores. Thanks!!
  9. I saw a similar one at the Cabazon outlet a couple weeks ago. It's called the Charmy tote it has pink straps.
  10. i had this exact ECLIPSE tote. bought it 2 years ago. It's a great tote and the color is so feminine and happy
  11. Thanks for the information!

    It is such a great tote, I especially love the hardwares which the charmy totes do not have. Why is it discontinued!:confused1:
  12. The Gucci eclipse tote you were inquiring about is model number 120836, you can try and do a google search for availability, but it is discontinued.

    The Gucci charmy tote which is very similar is model number 153009.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck.
  13. Is the model number for the eclipse tote 120836 ONLY? I purchased one from Gucci awhile back, but it's different!
  14. For the Gucci eclipse displayed in this thread, that model number is 120836 ... I'm not sure exactly the year it came out - my best guess is 2005 - but it is discontinued - if you purchased a different tote a while back, it's probably because it's a newer model, perhaps to replace this one that Gucci is no longer making.
  15. I have the same one pictured above except with brown trim. I actually got it at the sale recently for $399. =) I'm not keeping it though, I'm going to sell it on eBay soon.