What Is the Name of This Color?

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  1. Anyone know the name of this color? It's like a peachy-orange color (in case your computer display color setting is different from mine).


    photo cred: flickr.com
  2. Don't know but I love it.....:heart:H
  3. Yeah, me too.
  4. I think this is coral ??? I saw it in mimiaction's listing before. Nearly wanted to buy and I missed the chance.
  5. Really? I didn't realize that he was a popular eBay auctioneer. I just found out about him yesterday. Does anyone have any idea where he gets his bags from? I swear he has some bags that I've never seen before and they're all in AMAZING condition. Where does he get them?
  6. Lindsay_Levin: I believe they have their own sources. This is how resellers do their business.
  7. It's beautiful, looks like coral/orange to me.