What is the name of this Chloe hobo?

  1. It may have been called the "Ascot" hobo. I am unsure of cost/availability.
  2. SoCal's right - it is called the Ascot hobo. It was in the $895 - $1000 range. I don't know if it's still available, but it was on both Neiman's and Bergdorf's site for a long time.

    Never saw it in person though, so I can't tell you about the weight. Might want to check and see if Neimans still has it.
  3. Thanks!!

    What do you guys think of this bag? I LOVE the color, saw it on a paddy but those bags are too $$ for me.

    I am very tempted to grab this for fall....
  4. I found it on sale on NM and they had free shipping so I decided to grab it :biggrin: I can't wait to see if I love in IRL. Hope its not too heavy.
  5. Wow - it was on sale? How great for you! I'd been eyeing that one for a long time but really didn't "need" it in light of my already-too-many-paddys, not to mention way too many other chocolate bags. It looked awfully pretty though and I'd been searching to see it IRL but never did.

    Please let us know how it is when you get it - congrats!
  6. Lucky you! I've been wanting to get that but didn't want to order one until I see it IRL. If the Ascot totes are any indication, this hobo should be pretty light. The leather is not as thick as the paddy or silverado.
  7. I found it on sale on NM.com. It was $641 (plus tax) and I found a free shipping code (SUMMER). They said it would arrive by June 7th but I heard they have fast shipping so hopefully it will come sooner. I will post pics once I get it.

    I hope the chocolate shade is the same as on the Paddy!!!
  8. I got this one too!! But I got it at BG instead of NM. Same price but no tax and free shipping!! :biggrin:
  9. does anyone know what the return policy for sales is? thanks!
  10. I assume it's 30 days but their website doesn't say anything. I haven't returned anything so far. Sorry, I'm no help. :smile:
  11. Try FREESHIP for BG and see if it works. BG has a 30 day return policy on sale items.
  12. Got an email saying the my Ascot will arrive 6/3 :roflmfao: Originally NM said 6/7.
  13. love that bag too :smile: pls post pic using the bag when you get it im quite short 5'1 i dont know if i could get away carrying a hobo :smile: thanks in advance