What is the name of this Chanel bag?

  1. I know this is a replica, but i couldn't find authentic pics of it. Anyone know the name of it? Is there even a real one like this? If not, what bag is similar to this style? I'm liking the hobo bag look. Can anyone post pictures of the real one if this is a authentic chanel bag. Thanks.
    chanel.jpg chanel2.jpg
  2. I have never seen a bag like that before. We need someone else to comment, maybe there was an authentic Chanel that looked like that?
  3. Fugly fake!
  4. I saw that in the 'authenticate' thread and I want to say Mon or Michele said that Chanel never made anything like that...Sorry!
  5. Did Chanel ever make a hobo style bag?
  6. Chanel has a hobo of some type almost every season.
    Never one like that I don't think.