What is the name of this BV bag?

  1. I have seen it at Saks, and there is one on bluefly. I think it is my favorite of the BV bags. I may try to get one as a gift to myself when I start my new job. So--questions--

    Does this particular style have a name?
    Do you know if it has ever gone on sale?
    Is it a style that is made over and over season after season?

  2. I'm not sure of the name of the bag. I don't think it's a classic, more like a seasonal bag from last year. It's also on the neimanmarcus site in chocolate brown right now. I had seen the bag in the color you have posted in the exact same bag on eBay, actually 2 of them about few weeks ago. One had a BIN of around $1470 (something like that) and another few hundreds higher by a reputable seller, though I don't remember exactly who. I'm not sure if it's there anymore. Good luck finding it for a decent price!
  3. Yes, there is one in dark brown on eBay right now, but the seller wants a starting bid of $2000! That's not going to happen right now. I'll keep my eye out, though. Thanks!
  4. I can't find it in my catalogs, but a lot of bags don't get in the catalogs. I don't think it's a style that is made year after year. And I don't think it was included in BV's last sale. If I find the name of it, I'll post it. I agree, $2000 is a high starting bid!
  5. Right... For $2000 on eBay, I'd rather just buy it from Bergdorf for $2690 and be ensured it's authentic and returnable.
  6. Yes I agree with everyone above this is a seasonal bag from last year - and it did not go on sale, I guess it is possible it could at the on the June/July department store sales. Barneys also has this. You can ask a SA to let you know if it goes on sale, and keep an eye on it but it will be a while before it goes on sale . . . I have waited for a few BV pieces to go on sale, or just waited because I was keeping in my budget and bought other stuff, and then they sold out at regular price . . . you can always ask the dept stores how many they have in stock so you can make a better decision . . .
  7. btw, I think this is a really cool bag. I like the detailing alot, and the hardware which looks a little antiquey . . . I have a tote in a different pattern that has this hardware and I absolutely love the h/w. None of the bags from this season have this h/w and they may never repeat it . . .

    I have a bag in this same shape but smaller (more of an east/west look) from resort 2005 (different h/w) and I love the shape. (I don't have the ability to posts pics . . .)
  8. Thanks for all your input everyone.
  9. EEK. Ok, it showed up on bluefly in the dark brown color, so I impulse bought it. I have been told that I have to lock it away when it gets here until I start work. That is ok. I'll post pics when it gets here (I'm a little freaked out by the fakes some people have gotten off bluefly--hopefully this is the real deal!)

  10. Congrats!! I've been eyeing that bag for quite a while. I love it in the dark brown color too.
  11. Me, too. I thought about the light brown, but the dark I think suits the design of the bag better. It is gorgeous. Yay!