What is the name of this bracelet?

  1. I need help in identifying this bracelet. Does anyone know what this palladium bracelet is called?

    Don't laugh. I actually bought this in Nov last year but I cannot locate my receipt for this bracelet when someone here asked me what it's called and how much it is.
    H Pall Bracelet.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. No:smile: but its very pretty !
  4. wow its a gorgeous bracelet.. no idea about the name though :smile:
  5. Not really sure, but I think sellier?
  6. OMG, I really like it:nuts: The small colored discs are a wonderful touch.
  7. Susi, only the 3rd disc is gold plated, and has the engraving Hermes Paris around it. The rest of the discs are just palladium. I think I just have to ask my SA for the name. Hopefully the one in charge of jewellery will be on duty tomorrow.
  8. I've checked and this is called the Confetti bracelet. There is also the necklace, and drop ear-rings. Luckily, the SA in charge for silver jewellery has returned from her overseas training and was available to advise the name of this bracelet.

    jag, if you're reading this and can remember the name of the tpf member who asked about the bracelet, please let her know. I'd accidentally erased her PM and cannot remember what her ID is.

  9. Terry.
  10. OT>>>

    oh, i want to go to Hermes overseas training........:yes:
    They should have a summer camp/spa week where we can all go rub and smell leather, play parlor games where we try to name to color, try on clothes, tie scarves, wear perfume, and drink tea out of the cups. and learn the names of EVERYTHING!!

    HG, can you suggest this?? I would completely pay.
  11. Beautiful bracelet!
  12. Once in a while NYC has a workshop, invite only, where customers can come in and learn the art of sewing Hermes items. Someone I know went a few years ago and got to make herself a small credit card case. They are allowed to sew it from scratch. I don't know if they've had it for a while.
  13. ^^^ OMG what a great opportunity for someone to make a H item from scratch!!
  14. What is the retail on this?
  15. do u still get these bracelets ,because when i asked my SA she said u get seqence bracelet and she did not know of this one