What is the name of this bracelet? Does it even exist?

  1. Ok, so I googled "hermes bracelet" in google images and this came up. The bracelets are very pretty but the website obviously advertises fake bags. Im not sure if the bracelets are also fake or stolen photos of authentic ones. I've never seen this model anywhere else. Does anyone have more info? I like croc skin and it's not as agressive of a lock as colier de chien.
  2. Those are all over eBay. I've seen only one in Chamonix at the Madison H store.
  3. really??? I scout ebat for H bracelets regularly and NEVER seen those. So are those you saw on eBay authentic?
  4. Don't quote me, but I think that bracelet is called Artemis. I think....
  5. I have one of those in I think togo, with PH.

    It was a gift so I have no idea what it's called.

    I've never seen it in croc.
  6. yeah, I know... but it's kind of a similiar structure. I tried looking through the Catalog but no luck.
  7. I think I was wrong the first time. :confused1: This h/w looks like what I remember the Artemis looking like. This bracelet was all over the place a couple of years ago. But, as my aging memory is not always sound, maybe a real expert can chime in!
  8. Here is a pic, maybe someone can help with the translation?

  9. Translation -- "Dalvi Bangle"

    I have seen these at the Japanese reseller websites.
  10. ^^ Thanks!
  11. Any time -- what I lack in H knowledge, more than happy to assist with translation assistance!
  12. thanks tokyogirl!
  13. I would only get that particular bracelet at the store or from a reputable reseller, as it has been faked ca. a gizillion times.
    If you intend on purchasing one on ebay, post it in the 'authenticate this' thread first - I would hate for you to get stuck wiht a fake.