What is the name of this Balenciaga?

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  1. I am now in Shanghai. I visited yesterday a fabulous store named I.T ( in Xintiandi for those who know SH).
    Store I.T sells Balenciaga bags: I saw the City, the Weekender etc...
    And I saw a BBag I never saw elsewhere . It is wonderful , of course. Leather is fabulous. Bag is high , more high than large. It has 2 handles , but none shoulder handle.
    Tassles , mirror , same features as the motorcycle.
    Price is more than 8000 RMB, which is 800 euros or 1100US$

    O course, store is legit. I.T sells Comme des Garcons , Y's, and tons of trendy brands. No knock-offs here .
    I tried to ask to the SA: I do not speack Chinese, they don't speak English Grrrr.

    Is anybody here knows what is the name of this bag? TIA!
  2. try to check in atelier.naff
    there you can see balenciaga motorcycle's types
  3. Many thanks! It looks to be the Brief.
    Great site , thanks!