What is the name of this Balenciaga?

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  1. Not meaning to sound rude, I may have got this wrong, but you posted a link for a belt, right?
  2. What page is the bag on? Because as LondonBrat said, it's showing the belt (which is on the first page).
  3. Oops, it is the "Day" on page 9. Sorry about that. But, I still do not know about the colors and where you can buy the bags.
  4. Check out www.ateliernaff.blogspot.com
    for colors and info on Balenciaga bags. You can purchase Balenciaga bags at their Manhattan store located at 542 West 22nd Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues) or call (212) 206-0872. Also, some NM locations sell Balenciaga bags. Barney's New York sells them as well. Happy hunting!
  5. Thank you!
  6. If you live in Northern California only one place that I know of sells B Bags. Susans (SA: Edith very nice lady) in Burlingame and San Francisco. Neimans (Ca) doesn't sell the bags, unfortunately :sad: .
  7. Neimans in San Francisco sells them, but to get most styles--especially the city--you have to be on a waiting list and provide your credit card numbers. Some of the less popular styles actually make it to the sales floor.
  8. NM in San Diego has that exact bag, if that's what you're looking for. They had it in olive, pink, white, black as of this afternoon.

  9. I have one! in light blue. Georgeous! It's kind of the hobo style. Bal NY has them in lots of colors. They have origan and olive, cherry red, cornflower, light blue, black, grey. I think that's all.
  10. hello, i saw this one in NM san francisco this afternoon, even in the same color. :smile: i got myself a First (light blue), although i also considered this hobo.. but it kind of looked too big on me.
    there were also some First and Twiggy in stock...

    happy shopping! :smile:
  11. Do you live in NorCal pursemama???

    I checked out Susan's a few weeks ago and I saw a twiggy in Ink! They surprisingly have a lot of Balenciaga's in stock. Edith is very nice!
  12. Does anyone have a 2006 prespring Balenciaga in lilac? I was hoping to see a real live picture of the color. There is an auction on ebay, but the seller gives an in depth description about why she won't accept paypal, and I am not sure about the authenticity. I will post the link.
  13. sorry keep mentioning nm in san francisco (especially if you dont live in bay area, the info is not helpful at all. :=|)
    yes, there is a twiggy in lilac color in nm if you want to see the color in person...
  14. I have the day in sky blue and caramel! Its yummy!