What is the name of this bag? (:

  1. I don't know what it is or if it is even authentic but it is really beautiful! I didn't see it in any of the pdf files or look books though and don't know if any U.S. stores purchased it. It looks like the star stitch tote but I thought that was an older style.
  2. i have not seen an auth Chanel like this anywhere. You may want to post in the auth this forum. I did see a fake that was similar to this one...
  3. it might be fake but that is star stitching!!
  4. hey wait!!! look at the pics carefully HE AIRBRUSHED SOMETHING OUT!!! these look like stolen photos! i thiunk he airbrushed someones watermark off!

    its on EVERY one oof the photos near the middle side!!
  5. it says he's a Seller's Asst, maybe someone tried to sell it, couldn't and asked him to sell for him{?}

    Anyhow, I don't know the name of this bag.
  6. oh i see....so he used recycled pics?
  7. could be legitimate or could be stolen.
  8. I am not familiar with the star-stitch line, so I can't comment on that one. It looks suprisingly similar to the Square Vintage East West tote, but the quilting is off. The handles are the same. Did the star stitch line make a tote like this with the same handles?
  9. he has another chanel bag for sale.... same place for the watermark... other than that he is selling guns?
  10. he's a Seller's Assist. he's just selling bags for someone who doesn't know how or needs help.
  11. oo.. sounds dodgy now.. to think i actually believed it was a new Chanel style or sumthing. i feel soo sillyyyy. :shame:
  12. For all you ladies out there, this looks to me like a mix between the new
    Fall '07 Vintage Tote and the Origami Ligne. The Vintage tote is $1995 and the Origami is $2795...both fabulous bags :smile: