What is the name of this bag?

  1. The large shopper tote :flowers:
  2. Thanks.

    Does anyone have it? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? Do you use it for work or school?
  3. I cannot find this bag anywhere besides Aloha Rag and I wanted to see more detailed pictures.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I almost bought this bag at Nordstrom. It retails for $1910 at Nordies so that is a very good price!
  5. I really love this style. It fit great under your arm and next to your body since it has such a low profile. It's perfect for binders, books and laptops. It would be great bag for school.:P
  6. I would love to use it for school, I only wish I could see it IRL or at least more detailed pics online.

    Do you know of any members who have this bag?
  7. maybe Roey or Daisy might know or have it?
  8. Cute bag!
  9. I bought this bag but sent it back because the stitching on the front pocket was crooked. The leather was super soft, and I got the dark chocolate color. But someone mentioned to me that I should not use it for books and heavy items because it would stretch the leather. So I am not sure this is a great choice. I could be very wrong, though! I ended up keeping only the Edith out of all the Chloe bags I tried. And the shopper is REALLY big...much bigger than it looks.
    ChocoShopper.jpg SHOPPER.jpg Chloe Shopper.jpg
  10. Thanks for the information!

    I have a bag both for school and work and I was hoping to use this bag for the both of them.

    My books are heavy but not my files for work, but I wouldnt want to spend that much money to have the leather stretch out and maybe not look as nice. Is it pretty heavy?

    Maybe I should just look for another bag???
  11. i have it in whiskey.....i find it very, very heavy... was going to sell it but didn't....i do however use it without the lock! it's pretty, and holds a lot of stuff...just be prepared to change shoulders....
  12. Much more roomier than the regular paddy :yes:
  13. I prefer this bag over the Paddy. (hides from stones being thrown.)
  14. ^^I love this one as well but I worry it will be too heavy.