What is the name of this bag?

  1. Can anybody identify what the name of this bag, I know it says sharpey, but anybody else have any other information on this bag (like price, style number and what other color in comes in? I'm trying to get as much info on all the bags i want for the Saks EGC event. thanks for any help. :p
  2. Don't see anything?
  3. I can't see pics either but I'm sure that whatever Sharpey bag this is, Jill will know the answer;)
  4. sorry guys, im such a dummy, i guess it would help it I attached the picture. well here it is.
  5. ^Sharpey flap.

    Here's another pic from another thread:
  6. thanks, does anybody know how much it retails for?
  7. In the magazines (from germany) I saw it, the price is 1550€
  8. The the thread on the Chanel Shopping sub-forum. CHANELboy has a lot of pics and some prices.
    Here's the link: Sharpey Collection
  9. Does anyone have the style number of this bag? TIA :smile: