What is the name of this bag?

  1. Yes this may be an idiot bite question-- I know it's from '06 and I found it on the drilldown-- 7458-- but I don't know the name of it. I thought it was the legacy leather satchel at first but the lining isn't striped. When was it made, what did it retail for?

    Yes, I'm a new SA and still learning about the older products! Thanks ladies :smile:
  2. i m not sure but it looks like one of the legacy bags... forgot the name... legacy something.. do a search on eBay they got plenty of white ones
  3. Legacy Pocket Shoulder Tote or Bag. I got that at the outlet a couple of months ago - it's amazing. oops, i'm wrong, looked at your pic and mine has a fold over flap. Otherwise it looks the same - I would imagine the name is close to what I posted. Someone's gotta know.
  4. all i am finding is coach legacy leather hobo but i dont think that sounds right
  5. I also thought that was the legacy leather satchel, but from fall/winter '05, not '06. It was made before they used the striped lining - I believe that was only used on the newer legacy stuff that came out for the 65th anniversary.

    Congrats on your new SA job by the way!
  6. yup, that's the "old" legacy line - check on eBay for the exact name, there's a bunch on there, i think!
  7. I had that bag in the canvas/with brown leathr with the chocolate C's like the chocolate carly. It was way cute, but I couldn't fit enough stuff in it..... I still wish I hadn't sold it.....:cry:
  8. This bag is called Legacy leather hobo and the style number 7458. I bought it to sell on eBay about a year ago. I was pretty tempted to keep for myself.