WHat is the name of this bag?

  1. I was browsing the Japanese website, and came across this Chanel Tote:
    Does anybody know the name ??? How much is it ?? When did it come out ?? Thank you!
  2. hmm... i'm not really sure, but it looks a much older release for me... I know Chanel released a canvas tote with a huge CC on one side and the chains are massive too.
  3. I think it might be a Mademoiselle tote. Not sure though.
  4. it's the mademoiselle tote from the mademoiselle ligne. the bag is ALL Lambskin, it'll be extremely hard to carry around if you want it to look pristine. IMOif you're getting a tote, do NOT get it in lambskin. the price is $2495, it came out for f/w 2006
  5. Definently looks like the mademoiselle tote!
  6. wow, i am really learning bc i knew the answer! yay! i'm so proud of myself!:yahoo:
    it pays to obsess in the chanel library for hours on end....:wlae:
    are you going to try to locate one pink? good luck, if so!
  7. I've never seen a pink MM{?}
    I know there's black and a celadon color, and it also comes in suede I believe.
  8. [​IMG]

    Here's my MM Brown Suede Tote. It's really cute in person!
  9. I would love to have one in pink, I saw one in orange when i was searching last night.

    Thanks everyone !!!! I have a few suede bags, and found them really prone to dirt for some reason. but lambskin would be so so so hard to take care for careless me :sad:

  10. Oh, and I found the same one on eBay too, it does look slouchy after a few uses :sad:


  11. oops double posted :sad:
  12. pink would be pretty.....hoping you find one!
  13. a poster here, kittenslingerie, had the mademoiselle camera bag, which is a smaller tote version with zipper pull enclosing the bag. She said she either sold it or returned it because the bag DOES NOT hold up well. It's very high maintenance for a tote.