What is the name of this bag Madonna has?

  1. That bag, considering that we're given a side-profile, is a Louis Vuitton, Winter 06-Monogram Leopard pleated steamer. A Marc Jacobs designed bag, composed of the famed Monogrammed canvas and leopard style calf leather, features a removable shoulder chain. The size is 15.7" x 20.4' x 7.1"


  2. The Steamer is really big.
    After some looking, I think she has the Adele Leopard.
    The Steamer is tall and has leopard on top by handles...hers doesn't.
    It maybe Adele.:s
  3. it looks like the Adele to me too :yes:
  4. I agree, Adele
  5. that bag is the leopord print adele. the picture is at a bad angle but the steamer has leapord on the top so that crosses that out and the stephen does not have that buckle over the zipper so that crosses that out. its definately the adele and its 3,500.
  6. do u guys see the buckle? it looks like it has fallen into the bag but its sitting on top of the things she has in the bag

  7. RIGHT!! Steamer is laaaaarger and has more gold karung.:yes:
  8. The bag is Leopard Adele. Here is a pic (borrowed from pinkish_love collection):
  9. it's the adele....
  10. Adele...doesn't someone else in the forum have one?
  11. isnt the steamer like $7.7k or something OUTRAGEOUS like that? IK its over $7k
  12. Ah I can´t even tell them apart, not my favorites :biggrin: