What is the name of this bag in English?

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  1. Hi there,

    First of all, I shouldn't venture into Chanel at NM! :crybaby: I'm a Balenciaga girl and never thought I would be interested in Chanel... I guess I was wrong... :Push:

    I went into Chanel at NM in Palo Alto yesterday and saw one bag. Very interesting and practical. I search through PF and found one photo. Please see attached. It's the one in the middle of the 2nd row (circled it). Do you know the name of the bag in English? How should I call her? Does anyone own this bag? How do you like them? Do you have some more pictures?

    I'm very sorry for all the questions. I'm very new to Chanel and trying to do my own research as much as possible but it seems hard with all the names I don't know such as cambon, outdoor and etc.

    Last question please... I think this bag is not considered classic, correct? It's more fashionable? Meaning, it comes out one season and that's it, right? Unlike flap bag which is always around? If that's the case, does the bag usually go on sales after the season?

    Thank you very much... :P

    PS: I'm sorry for my English. It's my second language... :Push:

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  2. hey, luvpurse! welcome to the chanel forum!
    if you're interested in getting the bag, the style # is A33365 (it's the # right under the bag). if you refer to it with the style #, any SA should be able to find out more about it for you.
    seems to be made of distressed leather. the name looks to be "pile ou face". if i remember correctly, i have seen this before; it's a very interesting looking bag! :yes:
    it's a more fashionable bag so it most likely will be here for only one season. i don't know which bags go on sale, but maybe you'll get lucky and this one will!

    good luck and keep us updated! i'd love to see pics if you end up getting it!
  3. luvpurse - you can get more information from Linda the Chanel specialist at NM in Palo Alto. She can be reached at 650-329-3300 X-2111.
  4. It's funny b/c I think the purse u are referring to is the one my SA at NM Palo Alto had transferred in for me in white. I did not get a chance to see it in person prior to having it transferred and decided to pass on it b/c when the bag cinches or closes by the chain, it changes the shape of the entire bag. So instead of a square, it becomes more of a triangle and I did not like that about the bag, but its still a beautiful bag. Good luck w/ ur search.
  5. it's a cool bag, but it's flat, if I remember correctly. It isn't small, but because there's really no depth {front to back} to it you have to be careful about how much you put in it.
  6. Thank you very much everyone. I will go back and try this bag again. I'll sure post the pictures if I decide to buy her. :shame: