What is the name of this bag called?

  1. I love this bag but will get a divorce from my husband if I buy it now. The leather is so SOFT! :heart: My SA convinced me to hold off on buying it--she's awesome--because it's so delicate and I could find something with a little more wear-and-tear-ability. Then, just today, the price went up from $1475 to 1595! (WTF?!) Anyway, it's a style I haven't seen posted yet in the reference section. I'd appreciate any help!

  2. Ultimate soft? Sorry, that's just a guess.

    Looks gorgeous!
  3. This is the Ultimate Soft bag in the medium size and in the beige color. It's also available in the large size and in the black color this season.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. You have a great SA. The Ultimate Soft IS gorgeous. However, I tend to stay away from light-colored lambskin bags. My light beige lambskin med flap got dirtied up the first day I used it - and I thought I was being really careful. Fortunately, Chanel will clean it free during the first year.
  5. Wow, I am so glad I listened to her and I am so glad you told me that, jeannebar! I might as well have just thrown $1600 down the trash! I would have been so paranoid if had I bought it. Not to mention, getting a lecture from my DH!
  6. I am so glad to see this post! I bought a bag just like that at Saks NYC during the EGC event, and it was such a busy and confusing day, I have been wondering ever since "What the heck is the name of my new bag?" The SA handed it to me, and the soft leather is what sold me. The Chanel department looked like a tornado had gone through it that day!!

    My bag is that exact color, does not have quilt lines, and the strap is a chain all the way around. It is very big, and I have bought a Chameleon organizer to help with the bottomless pit factor.
    The leather is very delicate but I am carrying it every day and I love it!
  7. Yup, that's a medium ultimate soft in beige color. :yes:
    I got the exact same one for $ 1595 from Chanel SF about a month ago. I took it out 2 times already, and it has been pretty fun and nice to carry around :wlae:
  8. Yeah, they carry that bag in the quilted and unquilted version. I like it, but I too worry about the durability of it.
  9. This is the medium one? Anyone know what the measurements are for the large one? And does this one measure 12 x 12?
  10. I think mine must be the large. It measures 15 wide by 12 tall.
  11. The one I wore was the medium--I'm only 5'0" The larger one was there as well and way too big on me.