what is the name of these GORGEOUS shoes?

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  1. does anybody know what these gorgeous christian louboutins are??

    and on a side note, how do you ladies pronounce louboutin? i remember on an episode of SATC, Carrie pronounces it as "la - boo - tan"
  2. Those are really simple and chic, I love that style. Oh, and as far as the pronunciation... I say it more like
    "lou-boo-teh" (not such a heavy end like "tan" but more of a light "teh" with the h almost being silent)

    I googled this for you:
    (Christian Louboutin is in there)

    PS: I don't know that style name, sorry
  3. it's gorgeous!!!
  4. They could be Cesare Paciotti? That shoe designer is also doing the red soles and using it as a marketing tool. Their shoes are in the mid-hundred range, so slightly less than Louboutins. I, personally, still prefer Louboutins though.
  5. i got these off of another website where they were IDs as CLs, but ur right, they could be cesare paciotti.

    whatever they are, they are sooooo nice!
  6. As far as pronounciation goes, I think it's loo-boo-teh-ng ish sound. In French, when N or M comes after the vowel, it sounds -ng. I am not french, so I might be wrong........ : )
  7. I love the shoes...and as far as pronunciation goes...I think it is loo-boo-tan (tan rhymes with pawn).
  8. lou-bou-tehn (not quite tan, not even ten, but say it with a 'flick'.. if you get what I mean LOL)at least, that is what my SAs call them so I go with the flow!

    beautiful shoes, tell me if you find them hehe!!:angel: