What is the name of the Paris/New York

  1. Bag that is shown on the site ... it is white and has a little metal CC down the middle and a metallic chain with beads or balls? I just got it in black for my birthday. It is gorgeous but I don't know the name of it.
  2. Is it this one, the only one with the description you gave except it's not white

    Ref A32337Y02419 20921
    Supple Lambskin pleated flap bag

    love this bag and in black MUST TAKE PICTURES!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. that is the one!!! it is stunning in black ... and my husband picked it out all by himself ... guess it does not have a name though?
  4. what a lucky woman you are!! HOT HOT BAG and a great husband!!

    happy belated birthday!
  5. Wow, you husband did a great job lol!
    Gorgeous bag, your'e going to love it! Congrats!
  6. congrats and Happy Birthday.
  7. Must be beautiful in black! Congrats and Happy birthday!
  8. beautiful bag!
    Chanel doesn't really name their bags, the names are really more like descriptions.
  9. I would love to see it in black...do you have any pictures yet?
  10. I think we have photos posted in at least one of our picture threads{?}
    Let me look . . .
  11. Wow, congrats - I want one. Your husband has outstanding taste

    Happy Belated
  12. Pretty bag..you're lucky!
    Enjoy it ;)
  13. Happy belated birthday! Your husband did good :nuts:. Please post pics of it as soon as you can, especially of the chain shoulder strap as I think it's gorgeous :love:.
  14. omg that's a beauty! pic plz!!
  15. I almost bought that last friday... it was just a little too delicate... I love how the bag opens..... even if the flap opens... things can't fall out!! I'm in love!!