What is the name of the mini skinny that has a front pocket with....r/o

  1. a turnlock closure on it ?

  2. I have one and it's the Legacy Pocket Mini Skinny w/Turnlock. But, I think there may also be another kind, without the Legacy Lining?!?! Not sure though. I can find out the style # of mine for you. I LOVE having the pocket in front for change and the lining is YUMMY!!:tup:

    Okay...the # at the top of the price tag says "40218", but that does not come up in the DD. The description on the tag says "Leg Sig Pkt Min Skny". It was $58. Mine is the Black/Khaki/Ebony. I saw a Khaki with White trim at the Outlet once, but did not get it. I THINK that one did NOT have the legacy stripe lining though.
    I hope this helps some.
  3. Yep, it's the gallery mini skinny with turnlock, I have that one ;)
  4. there is also a nylon version
    (came in white/brown, black/black, gold/purple and also in a signature fabric version)

    believe it's called Gallery mini skinny...retails for $68...not sure what the fabric one retailed for

    this is 1571

    this is 6520:
  5. The Legacy mini skinny was made exclusively for Macy's and it was quite limited. It was never available from Coach. I picked one up on eBay last year right after they came out and I think that is probably going to be your only option. And, as far as I know, they only came in khaki signature with black leather trim.

    Hope that helps!
  6. Must have been for Dillards, too, because that's where I got mine :yes: Cool! I feel so EXCLUSIVE :p
  7. ^Really? I wonder if Bloomingdales had them, too? They sometimes get exclusive items, as well. Did Dillards have them in any other colors? When did you get yours?

    It's funny because the SAs at my Coach store didn't even know they existed. I was talking about it one day when I was in there and they had never heard of it.
  8. I was in Dillards about 2 months ago, carrying my Sig Khaki/Ebony Legacy Shoulder Zip and the Coach SA said, 'Oooh...do you have the mini skinny that matches that?!?!". I said, 'WHA???!!!!":nuts:...of course I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    Here it is: