What is the name of the coach legacy ponytail scarf with pink in it? r/o

  1. My friend was admiring my ponytail scarf with the traditional colors of the legacy stripe. However, I seem to recall them making one with pink in it. These were much more her colors--not talking about the waterfall pattern--it was just the legacy stripe with different colors. TIA if you can help. I want to get it for her for her birthday (I realize I will have to buy on eBay IF I can even find it).

  2. this one?
  3. Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf style number 98087

  4. Nope, that's the one I have. This was more pink & the reverse side (the signature side) might have also been pink. I found it on here in another post (though with no name or style #), but don't know how to post a pic.

  5. I hope this works. I think this is the one I"m talking about.
  6. I've got that one. I got it in april. I have no idea on name, but I can check my receipt tonight.
  7. OK, searched eBay again, could it be called "signature stripe"?