What is the name of the bag which is like a bucket shape

  1. with a few bigger holes in it for you to tie a scarf through, and the handle is made of rope? The rope handle is long enough for you to carry over the shoulder.

    I saw one in etoupe colour yesterday and it looks nice. Wonder how much it costs in other countries (I am located in Hong Kong).

    Birkin is too expensive for me, so I am planning to just get 1-2 more Hermes bag which are around USD2k. I have a Hermes Kelly and I already feel guilty of spending my 1 month salary on the Kelly.
  2. That would be the Sac a main Mangeoire. The PM in clemence is $2300 AUD.
  3. :yes:Thanks

    I haven't seen any people in Hong Kong using it. Is it popular in other countries? What do you ladies think of this style? I think it matches well with T-shirts and jeans, or even in formal wear. The holes remind me of holes in a piece of cheese. I like the scarf going through the holes too, but have to spend more $ on the scarf. I never wear scarf as I think it's for more elegant people. I am 29 and guess it should be worn by those at 30+ in suit.
  4. I love this bag. It has a funky, young edge to it. You can really change the appearance of the bag by using different scarves and knots.
  5. Does any Tpfers own one of these? I would love to see some pics with scarf through the holes.
  6. I personally think its an only casual look, i dotn think its that popular. it also depends on the leather, box is more formal looking as opossed to clemence. If you want a formal to informal bag why not try a picotin (its quite similar without holes) plum, boilde or a paris-bombay? Does H have any more bags with holes in them (that you can thread scarves through?)
  7. I used to have one, but I sold it. For ME is was a very odd look, but the person I sold it to looks really adorable when she carries it. I think I'm just too old for this bag :p
    Sorry I don't have photos of it!
  8. i first thought picotin too. do we have a picture of this sac, it must be pretty.
  9. Is this the bag we are referring to? I found one on rakuten.
  10. You can see a vintage model of this purse in the below link:

    However, the new model is quite different, and it looks much much nicer. The etoupe clemence which I saw is very beautiful.

    Just mentioned to my husband and he said it doesn't look like Hermes bag.

    The next bag I will get will be Evelyne, and probably the second next to get is this one.
  11. O, yes, this is the one. But I guarantee it looks much much nicer in person, also in etoupe colour. It also comes with the inside cloth bag.
  12. I actually like the vintage 1950 model better than the current one. It looks great with the scarf through the holes.
  13. I tried it and think it's awkward on me. If you want something in your budget, my suggestion would be an Evelyne bag. Did you try that?
  14. I love this bag. One of my favorite Vintages. I wou;d so love one in Barenia
  15. Sorry I missed your other thread "Herme Evelyne What Color".