What is the name of the bag in the back behind

  1. the speedy? I got these pics they are I guess the new Ivory color.
  2. Didnt we just call it the bowling bag?
  3. Hmmm... I dunno... but it reminds me of a Duomo? :shrugs:
  4. That's probably the bowler bag.

    Like John 5 said, it does have similarities to the Duomo. This bag looks like it opens a little bit more than the Duomo.
  5. I really like it and have never seen it before! wonder if it comes in other colors?
  6. someone mentioned it looking like a smiley in another thread:smile:
  7. i don't know the name, but I love that bag!
  8. I know it comes in black, and I think in red too.

    That bag is called either the Bowler or Bowling...don't remember what.
  9. it's called Montaigne..:yes: