What is the name of the bag Eva Longoria is carrying?

  1. What bag is Eva Longoria carrying? The bag is familiar to me and I remember being on the designer's website a few months back. But for the life of me I cannot remember the name!!!

    Can anyone help? thank you! :smile:
    eva-longoriaTOP.jpg eva-longoriaBAG.jpg
  2. somehow reminds me of cole haan bag..not too sure
  3. I'm not sure what the name is .... There was a pix of Beyonce carried the same bag a while back.
  4. If that's the same bag, then it must be D&G. I am not too sure though.
  5. wow..good job LV addict!
  6. Love the Bag,shoes and top. I'm not feeling the fit of the shorts. Wow! she has great skin....latinas rock!
  7. thank you LV-addict. I knew it was quite unusual. :smile:
  8. She is such a cutie! Wish that incident with the policeman hadn't happened though....
  9. What did I miss?!:amazed: DO tell!!!
  10. what are her glasses?:blink:
  11. Was it the time when Toni and her verbally abusive toward policeman in Texas? I heard she's not very nice person. She's pretty but her personality stinks