what is the name of my coach bag?

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  1. hi. im normally an lv girl... but recently ive been getting all of these questions about my coach... like what model it is and where i got it.
    (its real.. dont worry)
    i got it a loehmanns... but there was no description of the bag name or anything..

    its worth around 350-400 dollars... and it is tan with brown c's on it, and all of the trim is metallic green (i know... wierd :rolleyes: )

    so the question is... what is it called?
  2. could you tell us the serial number on the inside? that would help lots!
  3. ok. its also a tote.. just saying...
    its mo4k 7069
  4. i can't seem to find a name for it...everyone has it listed as a classic signature tote...but there must be more to it? not sure.
  5. yes.. thats the bag... but the one i have has metallic green leather... not the tan...?
  6. its either a lunch tote or a book tote. Because it didn't come from an outlet I'm thinking book tote....I've only every seen lunch totes from the outlet.
  7. i thought book totes were a little wider...looks like a lunch tote to me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.