*What is the name of Mary-Kate Olsen's red Chanel bag*

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  1. no pic shows up for me:confused1:
  2. Me too.
    I'm guessing this is about the red Jumbo flap...
  3. Links not working!!!!!!
  4. I don't see a picture but I've seen the Olsens with the red jumbo flap and red clutch.
  5. this one?


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  6. I can't tell from this photo if it is caviar or lambskin, but it's the red jumbo classic flap with silver hardware. I'm not too sure which red this is though -- it wouldn't be difficult to find out though if we knew what year she bought it.
  7. That is the jumbo classic flap, silver hardware. I believe there was an article that she wrote about that bag awhiel ago in the Fashion section of the NYT and she mentioned it was lambskin if I remember correctly.
  8. That bag looks enormous. Is that because she's rail thin, or is that really the size of the jumbo (and by jumbo is that when medium = smallest, large = middle size US $1995.00 in caviar , and jumbo = biggest?) :confused1:
  9. Is the OP ever going to post the picture??
  10. It looks like my HG red... the '05 Chanel red, which was brighter and even more stunning than the '07 red, IMO. :drool: MK's is definitely a Jumbo, and looks even bigger because she's all of 90lbs, max. :P I believe frayed_misfit has my dream bag haha, the '05 red medium/large flap in caviar, and the colors seem to match up. :smile:
  11. oh my..its gorgeous.. i think its jumbo caviar
  12. OMG.. I LOVE THIS BAG. Do you think i can still get it through Chanel????
    Do u think it is outdated now?? or classic is forever?