What is the MUST-BUY skincare product.

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  1. The retinol oil is what I hear is great; I have it but need to be more regular about its use.
  2. Has anyone tried Vinters daughter ?
  3. I’ve heard of it but never tried it.
  4. I love Vintners Daughter! I've been using it almost three years every night and have turned many friends on to it. I find it calms, balances and soothes my skin. I love the smell -natural, a little earthy, a little flowery - and I love the feel. It's a serum, but also an oil. I need another layer of moisture on top, especially in winter, but for some people, it's enough moisture on it it's own.
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  5. No mention of skin medica tns essential serum, so I’ll throw it out there :smile: that and retinol (and obvi sunscreen) are the only constants I find on every derm’s personal list of what they use. None of them mention La Mer or sk ii which makes it so freaking hard to bite the bullet on them even though they’re so widely loved :sad: anyone have before and afters on either??
  6. Sunday Riley Juno and Luna oils, Drunk Elephant Baby Facial and C-Firma and Tarte Knockout Tingling treatment.
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  7. I have tried so many different products for many years and have loved most of them or eventually wanted to try new items. I was hooked on Korean products for quite a long time. I may stick to a few products for a year then add to them or change things around completely. It has been interesting to find after a few years what I prefer and to me may work better for my needs. I also was into a more detailed multi step am/pm routine with quite a few products but have since changed to a simpler routine. But I will change it up depending on how my skin feels or if the seasons change. I buy a lot of samples to try from The Detox Market before I commit to a full size product which enables me to try more high end products. Some I really like but just do not need to buy anything until I use up what I already own. I did try Boxwalla and The Art of Organics beauty boxes and think I had 4 boxes of items that worked out pretty well for me.

    Right now my favorites are
    Cleanser: Charlotte Tilbury Cream Cleanser or DeMamiel cleansers. I also am hooked on the hot baby washcloth routine I notice such a difference in my skin by spending the time to do this.

    Vitamin C: The ordinary Vitamin C in powder form, I can mix it in most face products or in a mask.

    Acid: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 or The Ordinary G. acid.

    Serum: African Botanical

    I also use The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5/10% as needed and their Peeling Solution once a week

    Face spray: May Lindstrom, DeMamiel

    Moisturizer: I love oils. Using African Botanicals Oil and also have a nice sample stash of Odacite oils along with Blue Cocoon from May Lindstrom.

    I feel as long as I properly cleanse, exfoliate with a acid product, brighten with a vitamin C product and moisturize my skin seems to be looking pretty good.
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  8. Ohh. What is the hot baby wash cloth routine. Please tell.
  9. After a first cleanse and rinse to take off makeup one can use a oil or cream cleanser that has some oil to it and massage it for a few minutes on dry skin. Even one minute is good but I like to pamper myself with longer massages.

    Then I take a nice soft baby washcloth, my favorite is organic bamboo. Regular terrycloth ones feel too stiff, muslin too thin. Wet it under hot water twist to get dripping water out and press it on your face for about a minute, do this 2-3 times then use more hot water on the washcloth twist to get it from dripping water and use the other side to gently wipe every area of your face. Can be done more than once.

    Some oil cleansers are thicker and one can tell unnusing the washcloth if they need to wipe it away a few times versus once. Follow with rinsing with warm/ cold water just as a normal face washing. Your skin should feel soft to the touch after this. Can apply products for your after cleansing skincare routine.
    Finding a good oil or cream cleanser that works well for you helps this process better. May Lindstrom cleansing oil was my favorite but once I ran out of my second bottle I started to try the other ones I bought which I am using now. I didn’t feel a milky cream cleanser (Biologique milky cleansers) worked well for me with this method but they worked great as a first cleanse.
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  10. Thank you! Can someone recommend a Biologique Recherche face cream.
  11. It really depends on your skin type and concerns. Are you in the US? Rescue Spa (in NY and Philly) carries Biologique and is really helpful with consulting about a product or routine if you contact them by email. I believe Toska (in NC) will do the same.
  12. For me, it’s the DCL AHA 20% Resurfacing Lotion. It’s really potent but can be used every day.
  13. :cool:
  15. I used laMer original cream and the lifting and firming mask. I repurchased both and thought they made a difference for me. They are great for sensitive skin and didn't break me out. If you are unsure, you can always ask for a sample or buy the smallest size 15 ml of the original cream. I have the SKII mask - which is about $25. It's a good way to test whether the essence works for you or not.