What is the MUST-BUY skincare product.

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  1. I recently run out my moisturizer and I also feel my serum didn't really work like it was anymore. Instead of keep buying new things. I would want to hear all of you guys opinions. Which is the must have product u guys would recommend for skincare, makeup, lipstick.... Or anything u guys think everyone at least give them a try.
    Thanks everyone!! I hope I won't have to go to Sephora and try out thousands products to find the best one Haha!!!
    I'm currently try on IBUKI line from Shiseido, and Luna foreo. And I'm obsessed to HADA CRIE N3000, this is cleansing and apply lotion/serum/mask machine, doesn't matter how clean I washed my face w Luna, the cotton on the HADA always come w more dust and left over make up on my skin. The cotton only clean if I don't have any makeup on through out the day... The best investment imo :smile:) IMG_1473925173.999143.jpg
  2. What is your skin type? Dry, oily combo?
    Any skin issues you are wanting to address? Fine line, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation?
    Do you want a cleansing balm ,a foam cleanser, or liquid cleanser?
    I use de Mamiel (which you can read about) & have seen superb results
    (not inexpensive but lasts a long time & smells divine)
    Others have mentioned Elemis, Clinique, Eve Lom for cleansing balms
    Do facial oils interest you?
    Serums... some have used Vitner's Daughter ( I personally did not like it) with great
    Do you want to go green or stay conventional with skin care?
  3. La mer creme de la mer moisturizing cream
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  4. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum!
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  5. I use Vichy skincare
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    My must haves are La Mer The Moisturizing Cream, La Mer Genaissnace Serum, sk-ii Facial Treatment Essence and Shiseido Future Solution LX Universal Defense Broad Spectrum SPF (both a physican and chemical spf, its amazing)
  7. Retin-A or the generic form of it, Tretinoin. It's the only proven topical to actually help with anti-aging.
  8. I second this. It was exactly my thought when I read the question
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  9. I was spending a fortune on La Mer serums and the like, and my dermatologist said it's useless without Retin-A. I'm actually spending less now and my skin looks better in my 40s than it did in my 30s. Wish I'd started sooner.
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  10. Tazorac and sunscreen! Absolute must...
  11. Lush Grease Lightning is really good for acnes!
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  12. I use several products from Biologique Recherché, since I added their world famous LotionP50 to my skin care routine, i stopped breaking out, pores became less obvious, oiliness on the T-zone diminished, and the dryer areas feel and look more hydrated. I cannot believe I only discovered last year when reading one of my favorite bloggers' post.

    I then use the Lotion Mc110 No.1, this product has helped to smooth out the small lines around the eye and lip area, my skin looks brighter, and more plump. Follow up with several serums to target different skin concerns, moisturizer, and before applying SPF, their amazing Serum Fluide VIP 02, this tuff is expensive but worth every cent, its the "glow" that has helped me almost eliminate foundation from my routine. A truly amazing product. This product is "anti-pollution", oxygenating, moisturizing serum that protects the skin throughout the day from urban aggressions. Trust me, once you use it, you will continue to use it.

    I buy all Biologuique products from Rescuespa.com.

    At night I use Shani Darden retinol cream, this stuff brightens my skin, it is gentle and safe to use nightly. This product can be purchased directly from the Shani Darden website.
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  13. I love Caudalies Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Cream from b-glowing.
  14. I started using Retin-A (tretinoin) since I was 13 for acne. Thirty years later I'm still using it. I love how people assume I'm in my late 20's/30's, and sometimes when I'm walking around with my 15 year-old daughter people think we're sisters!
  15. I get this too with my daughter and I don't use Retin A. La Mer is my go to cream, although I do switch it up now and then.