What is the most you've ever spent on clothes in ONE DAY?

  1. What's the most you've ever spent on clothes in ONE day? What did you buy?

    I guess I'll start. I bought a black turtleneck with puffy long-sleeves and a multicolor (red, beige, and black) sweater jacket w/ Kelly locks zipper pull from Hermes. The two cost me about $2000 :Push: I'm so mad at myself right now.
  2. Lol - Kouk, I was just reading your thread in the Hermes Forum! The turtleneck sounds beautiful.

    The most I've spent is probably around the €600 mark.
  3. Thank you :flowers: . I'm trying to make myself feel better in hopes that there'll be others who had spent more than I had in one day:lol:

    What did you get for €600 mark? I'm curious!
  4. It wasn't me doing the spending, but for my birthday last year my BF took me on a $1500 shopping trip, no bag or shoe purchasing allowed, just clothes. :smile:
  5. no comment :angel:
  6. It was last season..... Ooooo, a black woollen coat, pants, shirt, pull-over, a pair of shoes, jocks.....

    I got a fair bit for the €.
  7. About $1,200.00....and that's a lot for me!
    I got a lot of clothes though- I went a little crazy at a cute little boutique.:shame:
  8. Definitely >$1000. Probably around $600. I can't stand spending a lot at once (hence my meager bag collection -- but it will slowly grow!). I do tend to spend a few hundred here and there, however, and still end up feeling like I went overboard as it adds up during the month.
  9. I think the most I've spent in one day on clothes is around $200 at Burberry when they were having their sales :smile:
  10. Gosh, I have had a bad month clothes-wise, so I purchased them all on one day, but luckily they were delivered over a couple of days so I did not feel quite so bad ;) but I have definitely spent upwards of...... well lets work it out!!!

    I purchased a Matthew Williamson dress, that I got on sale reduced from 900 pound to 500 pounds

    I also purchased a Missoni Dress, reduced from 935.00 to 440 pounds
    I love this one, it looks great on :smile:

    I then purchased these shoes to go with the dresses!

    Jimmy Choos reduced to 90 pounds (including delivery) from 300 pounds

    and these Chloes to go with the missoni dress - reduced to 260 pounds


    I also purchased a new Fendi bag and a Silverado at the same time.



    so it was quite a shop!
  11. Alot! I went to the closing sale of Rob-May and went nuts with my MIL. My husband is still paying for it lol!
  12. Around $300. Back-to-school clothes shopping.
  13. It was a coat.........I spend more on coats than purses...
  14. The most I have personally spent is $400.00. Several years ago, right before I started my current job, my mother and grandmother took me shopping and spent $3,000.00 on clothes for me. That was a fun day.
  15. Around $1000 I believe
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