What is the most you would pay?

  1. For your most wanted bbag? :shrugs:

    (Don't say which bag it is!!! That could be considered soliciting and that is not the point of the thread :flowers:)
  2. probably 1300
  3. welp, i wouldn't pay above retail for any dream bag, but that's just me :girlsigh:
  4. hard questions :P
    no idea where my nerve wanna pay for a dream bag though :smile:
  5. Me too!;)
  6. Even if it was from a past season?

    I think 15% above retail for my fave bbag...so I guess that is a little bit above $1,300.
  7. I paid $1650 for a 04 Lilac first...I probably wouldn't pay that price again for any unless it was for a city in the most perfect color :angel:
  8. not much more over retail. maybe $1200-1300 for a tdf twiggy or first in a rare color that i loved.
  9. I won't pay above retail. Once it's owned by someone else, I consider it used.
  10. I am inclined to pay more for the used bbags than the new ones because I think the quality of the old bags (which I can no longer find new) is better than those of recent seasons. That being said, I have only paid retail or higher for three of my bbags. I have gotten lots of great deals!
  11. I think it all depends on its condition and how much of my funds I can spare when I find it.
  12. I agree...even if it's my dream bag...I always have the mentality that another one will come by.
  13. I agree with jillybean.
  14. i couldn't say. i have paid a little above retail and a LOT under retail for my bags, so i figure it all works out in the end. that's what i tell myself anyway...
  15. Well let's see, there was the issue of my 2001 flat brass classique :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    I am never selling her though....