What Is The Most You Or Know Of Someone Paying For A Balenciaga?

  1. this is a hard question because #1 we don't or might not want to say and second it all depends where you buy from ~ No matter what these bag's seem to hold there value! INVESTMENT with Balenciaga not only the unique style. Someone asked about sightings. I am in Chicago and honestly I see more Chanel and Marc Jacobs here ~ not saying there aren't the Balenciaga's just not a whole lot of sightings for me!

    I really like the Part time and still thinking of the Office but may be a tad to big ~ but from looking at the pic's earlier maybe just not to big. Hey no one out there has mentioned a part time??!!

    Decisions Decisions

    Linda Marie
  2. I have personally paid $1800 for a Balenciaga that is discontinued & I really love it (I have paid more for other bags).......but I believe I read that someone on this forum paid approx $2800 for one?

    And I guess anyone that owns a Croc Balenciaga will have obviously paid much much more!
  3. Aloha Rags certainly believes that at least two people will pay more than $14K for the crocs they have in stock! I worked in a saddlery shop when I was in college. We'd always stock an Hermes or two just so folks could think that their saddles were almost as nice as Hermes.
  4. $1700 for the 2007 noir city with giant hardware is the most expensive one I have.