What is the most you have spent on a Chloe bag?!

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  1. #1 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    I am purchasing a Chloe Bay on Saturday which is going to put me back £840 (approx $1595). It really is a gorgeous bag but I do love a bargain..... so half of me is thrilled and the other half of me is mad at my first half!! :biggrin:

    So lady's ease my pain and tell me the most you have spent on a chloe bag.....
  2. I have three Chloes :yes:. My more expensive purchase is my Bay medium satchel in black (598 euros). I bought it from LVR summer sales, 50% off :yahoo:...
  3. Most expensive Chloe I ever bought was £270 but thats sold now so the most expensive Chloe I own is £200.

    Most expensive bag i own is my Balenciaga which was about £240.

    I always buy off ebay though- I've never bought on sale from a store. I see good deals in department stores for around £400 but they are never the popular bags so I feel I'd rather have 2 bags for the money than whatever I could afford onsale.

    I suppose that isn't really easing your pain lol but if you love it then it's worth every penny. I think for me, although i could afford a new bag if I was determined, there is only so much I could bring myself to spend on a bag.
  4. Anyway, I was VERY silly. They had in stock the same bag in canelle (same price, 598 €) but I thought there wasn´t the moment to buy two Bays :nogood:...Now I´m dying for a Bay in canelle :sad:...Stupid me :crybaby:.
  5. Wow both of you have found amazing bargains! And no you're not easing my pain !!! :P
  6. what colour is canelle??
  7. hardcare_harlot where have you been hiding.

    the most i have spent is £350... my jeans moyen

    howevermy latest bling siver paddy was quite expensive all together, the bag with customs ended up being £300 +£70 bling lock+ £45 for the chloe keychain + £30 for the new lock..... total £445

    thats the most id ever spend, i couldnt bring myself to spend any more on a bag!
  8. I know! lol. I've just been crazy busy and also lunking around the Balenciaga forum :P

    I agree with you- I think thats about as much as I would spend on a bag altogether. Maybe about £500 for something perfect but I mean we're only young so that is a lot of money to anyone. Plus you need to consider other purchases- my little £400 'bag' stash is currently ear marked for the new I-mac my boyfriend wants and he's paying the rest *sigh* :nuts:
  9. Cheapest $500, Most exp $950. I don't appear to have much hope as a bargain hunter.
  10. Most expensive: Elvira for $450.01. Cheapest: Paddington Capsule shoulder bag (small one) for $199. Others were $300 something.
  11. All your replies are really putting me off paying full price...it is an awful lot of money.

    But i havent seen that exact bag in that colour anywhere else and its the only one i want :sad:
  12. What colour is it Princess_lydz- maybe we could hunt another down?