What is the most well made-bag you have ever owned?

  1. I am always most impressed when a handbag has a leather interior as well, or when, instead of a zipper it has other kinds of closure. What is the most well made bag you have ever owned, and how does it hold up to wear over time? One of the most beautiful I have seen are the Prada Frame bag from Fall 05, Hermes bags, Chanel bags with leather interiors, and the YSL Muse in ostrich with a leather interior. What sort of workmanship impresses you?
  2. Bottega Venetta large hobo bag in burgendy that I purchased 2 years ago has unbelievable detail and staying power in all weather. It is so soft you just want to hug it like a pillow! It also comes with a nice size mirror.
  3. fendi selleria messenger/shoulder type bag with zipper and 2 front zip pockets--bought in 2000 and I still use it all the time, it's in great shape
  4. My original season Marc Jacobs Stella. The lining is incredible, the leather thick and gorgeous, the hardware perfect still after years of use.

    I will be using it for a long time.
  5. My Hermes Kelly! For me, nothing beats the craftsmanship.
  6. It's a tie between a vintage Austrian petit point that took weeks of hand stitching due to the intricate pattern, and a no-name bag from Italy that was as nice as anything ever produced by Hermes or LV.
  7. My Marc Jacobs Quinn tote has the prettiest interior of all my bags. It's very soft powder blue suede, a bit lighter blue than the bag, and the interior pocket has the gorgeous, heavy silver Marc Jacobs zipper pulls. :love:
  8. The Chanel caviar classic flap bags...leather inside and out, the fabulous chain strap and just very well made.