what is the most versatile shade of cream?

  1. A few of you :graucho: have me thinking more and more about a shade of cream. I only have pics. from here to look at, which are sometimes not perfectly representative depending on the light. Which color is best for a more "urban" look? Not too bright? Not too summery? Just a "dirty" cream or light latte color if that makes sense. Something that will be worn mostly with jeans and brown or black tops. This season, in particular, I have purchased a lot of Vince sweaters, and Marc by Marc Jacobs tops. So if you know these lines, you know what is out there this season......what would be perfect??? Thank you...................:heart: Also will another grenat ever pop up on e-bay???
  2. I'm going to say blanc, and not just cause I love my blanc most of all. :heart::heart::heart:

    I know that some of the dust bags are different shades of cream, but if you have a lighter
    colored dustbag, blanc is pretty close to that.

    Although, Dolphinsmile's vanilla is prolly the best shade of white I have EVER SEEN!!
    But it would be very very hard to find another like it.

    So I stand by blanc! :shame:
  3. All the cream shades from chloe are lovely so you cant go wrong with any of them :rolleyes:
    Hmwe's "blanc" is gorgeous - I saw one here in store and I think it looked like pure cream colour, it's really beautiful shade :heart:

    I think you might also like this fall's "creme" which is like pale latte colour, this one I've also seen in real and it's mouthwatering, it's more like very light beige than ivory :drool:
    "Vanilla" 05 looks tdf on the pictures (havent seen irl) but it's almost impossible to find. I have "craie" which is cream but in certain lightnings it has very slight pinkish undertone, it's also from 05.
    Good luck in finding yur favourite cream tone :flowers:
  4. ^^^ agree w/ sonja... 06 creme

    also an 05 sable would look pretty too
  5. It's really hard to say as all of Chloe's whites are so :heart:...

    I think the most beautiful shade of cream I've seen is dolphinsmile's Vanilla. :drool: It looks like a color that can be worn all year! This shade seems pretty hard to obtain though. 2006's Crème would also be a good choice if you can't seem to find this color.

    Craie would be my favorite shade at the moment. :heart: Like sonja said It's cream with a slightly pink undertone. I tried to take a picture in completely natural light that wasn't too strong. IMO, this is pretty close to what it looks like Irl:

  6. yea that pic is a pretty good representation audrey! ;)

    i agree. 2006 creme is rich & creamy. vanilla is yummier but it's close enough. although if you say you wear lots of black & dark brown, i feel the blanc, as hmwe had mentioned, might be better because it'll "pop" more. plus i like how the hardware pops more with the blanc than the creme. (that's why i love the craie too! b/c the hardware "pops") the hardware sort of just blends with the creme. but that's just my opinion....:upsidedown:
  7. Is blanc easily obtainable? Is it still is stores? Has anyone found a store that is selling the new creme??? I hate to say this but I'd rather get it from a dept. store than boutique, so that if it is not what I was hoping for I could return it.

    LIke I said, lots of skinny jeans and leggings make up my very casual fall wardrobe!!
  8. see that's weird b/c i couldve sworn i've seen blanc at bloomingdales. and i know it had to be blanc b/c they also had a creme & taupe which were darker. although im guessing not many people buy paddies there b/c the creme they had wasnt like my '06 one so maybe they have one from a previous season?? ANYWAY, this was like 3 weeks ago so i dont even know if its still there. if you want the # its 516 873 2811. good luck!
  9. ^ Very true, you could probably still find a blanc if you called around. :yes: I was able to find 3 different whiskey paddys just a few weeks ago (but I returned them all because the leather wasn't to my liking.)
  10. hmwe46, sonja, D&G Rocker, Audrey, ikaesmallz...

    Thank you each for your input. I might need to call Bloomingdales.

    If we use '06 cream as our starting point.... could you tell me how these colors vary from it??? I would appreciate it....

    Craie= pinkish undertones

    I have never seen any of these colors IRL!

    But guess what?? Today at my local Nordies, (where Chloe is NOT sold) an SA walked over to me and said she and 2 other girls were admiring my whiskey paddy. I asked if she wanted to see it and she ooogled over it and then touched the leather. I was so happy to give paddy some much deserved attention! And wow, it was the first time someone has actually paid attention to something other than my 1 year old triplets who were right there with me!!!
  11. i only have one cream paddy...its a off white color from 06 spring..the tag shows its called "BLANC"......i love it. and it is my favorate handbag.
    照片 1028 (Large).jpg
  12. Thanks for posting that picture Phoebe, it is gorgeous!!!
  13. No problem, just want to let you have more reference, if you need any more clear pic, feel free to let me know.

    i think the leather is yummy and rich.
    highly recommend!!!

  14. Phoebe, as an owner of cream, what words would you use to describe it. In my town there are no towns that sell Chloe. Thanks in advance!