What is the most used MAC eyeshadow?

  1. Hi I am looking to expand my mac eyeshadow collection. I wanted to know the most popular/most used mac eyeshadows? I def know that CARBON is one what are some others ones.... I love Black Tie and Nylon... are those one?
  2. i'd have to say all that glitters would have to be one of the most used
  3. Shroom seems to be pretty popular.
  4. ^ Yes everyone seems to love Shroom. I like Soba and Cork and Vanilla for a basic neutral eye.
  5. I was on MAC's website just now, and I found a link that allowed me to see their best selling shadows (it's on the page that shows all the shadows). Here's a list:

    Love Lace
    Satin Taupe
    Sauve Intentions
    All That Glitters
    Naked Lunch
    Black Tied
    All Races
    White Frost
    Beauty Marked
    Rice Paper
    Pin Curl
  6. Soba
  7. though I really don't like it ( I should never listen to mac-SAs again) I think that brulé is really popular, at least every time I watch a tutorial someone is raving about it. . .
  8. I'd say Shroom, Woodwinked, and Black tied. I do hear about Cork and Vanilla a lot too. TBH, I'm not a huge fan of MAC shadows, aside from the msf ones.
  9. When I need a quick go-to, it's always Satin Taupe. :tup:
  10. bimmer, I know that Carbon is really popular, but I would suggest Typographic instead (it's a very smilar shade, but not quite as dark). It is much more blendable since it's a matte2 formula, the color payoff is better, and the color is not quite so harsh.

    Just a thought. ;)

    And I would also recommend going to Temptalia's website and checking out her list of essential MAC neutrals. It is a great list and only includes colors in the permanent collection, which makes it a lot less frustrating. :smile:

    Here it is:

  11. ^^Thanks for posting this! I have a 15 pan palette that I'm going to redo and needed some neutral suggestions. I have some odd colors that don't go with anything or just look wrong on me.
  12. Thanks! I am planning to start a brand-new MAC eyeshadow palette and this is very handy.
  13. Def. Woodwinked!
  14. A lot of people rave about Rice Paper but on me it's too yellow.

    Vanilla and Shroom are good, basic neutrals and really popular.
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    You know I am not a huge pan of Rice Paper, either...my fave neutrals are one from the Tone:Grey quad called "A Warmer White," and Creme de Miel, which I love love love.

    Of course I would like the LE colors. Doh. :noggin: