What is the most unusual thing you keep in your purse?

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  1. For me its probably just Neosporin & my dental floss....
  2. hmmmmm, I think a hair brush if you would say that's unusual. I also keep mascara sometimes because I don't like wearing it first thing in the morning, and sometimes you'll find the occasional DVD in there, lol. I'm weird, I know, lol.
  3. LOL! This is funny! I keep toothpicks, Listerine pocket packs, and a small bottle of Excedrin Migraine tablets.:biggrin:
  4. I keep almonds incase I get hungry!:lol:
  5. That damn Twix choc bar my sister left in my Damer speedy that left a yucky mark on the lining...geez little sisters ay!
  6. A hot wheels car or some other toy because I have a little boy.
  7. I have a Thomas the Tank Engine in my purse & a pair of 4T boys socks.
  8. band-aids
  9. Almonds is a good idea... I love smoked almonds.
  10. A small Swiss Army Knife --- it's handy because it has a nail file and tiny scissors!!!!
  11. I have a single band aid/safety pin and mini sewing kit in my make-up bag thats all in my bigger bag.

    I also have a Japanese fan, mini/light folding umbrella and sunglasses and a tape measure.:P
  12. A clean, unused plastic garbage bag----to put over my LV in case I get caught in the rain :nuts:
  13. i would call it my daily bag/ man bag lol
    but the most unusual thing i would say are those little oil blotting sheets lol
  14. a teeny tiny flashlight.
  15. Unused Glow stick from the Barry Manilow show.
    Never know when you are going to need one!