What is the most unappeciated bag this season?

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  1. Would be great to hear your opinions on this.

    I want a new bag any colour, any style but something unusual and not widely proliferated but I don't really know where to look :upsidedown:. So what do you think is the bag that is underhyped this season; something like the Celine pink lambskin Clandestine from last Summer.
  2. I'm also looking for an unique, luxe bag for spring, something that is not an "it" bag. Any recommendations are welcome. :flowers:

    Bee...Bee, check out luisaviaroma or net-a-porter. I know you're in London but some of those styles/labels are quite rare in the US....

    This Valentino bag is also very pretty.


    This Lanvin tote is also nice.

    Here's a Derek Lam bag that is pretty unique.

    Here are a couple of Thomas Wylde bags.



  4. Bee...Bee, since you live in the UK, have you seen any Stori Sac bags?

    Stori Sac

    Stori Sac
  5. Kat, I'm drooling over those Bottega pink bags!
  6. I was looking through Tanner Krolle website, and found some cute bags, although I don't know it as a brand:

    Tanner Krolle
    I particularly like the Savannah box Raffia in blue (not an everyday bag, though:p )
    Btw, do you know their price range?
  7. I love the Derek Lam Hildegard bag and think it's totally underrated.
  8. I think bottega veneta. The pink ones are really cute for girls and they have some pretty nice pieces for men too. I also like the LOEWE indian stuff thing.
  9. Thank you everyone for suggestions. I guess it will have to be the pink Veneta Large for this season to add to my Palermo: the pink was the deal winner :p. Will walk down to the shop tomorrow to look for it though it will be even better if they make the Catena Large in Pink!