What is the most super casual way to wear scarves?

  1. What is the most super casual way to wear scarves?

    I mean super super casual......road trip, working...nothing fancy, easy breezy?
  2. Worn like a bandana on the head is pretty casual.

    Often I just fold it and tie it around my neck like a necklace with a tshirt and jeans. I think I posted a pic of that in the scarf thread with my plisse, but it works with regular scarves, too, if you twist them a little. Lemme find the pic...
  3. I like the following:
    Simply fold a triangle and then knot it in front once or twice.
    Or: Fold a triangle and let hang, dont' knot (be careful not to lose it though...). Looks great with jackets.

    Another one: fold along the bias, then cross the ends twice in the front, knot in the neck.

    Another one: fold a triangle, then put it on with the triangle at the front, wrap the ends around your neck, knot in front.
  4. I need to practice the casual necktie. I never seem to get it tied.

    and I can't get scarves to stay on my head....boo. because i would love that!
  5. Ack! They turned off searching! But Loony has a bunch of great pics in that thread, too, where she wears a scarf while dressed casually...
  6. oh these are good.

    when I go work at the home office...most people are in like jeans and tshirts and I wear that...but it would be nice to get good use out of all my scarves!

    thanks hello! and abbyroad.
  7. I use a 70 cm as a belt sometimes (on the rare occasions that I remember to wear a scarf)
  8. I don't know if this is considered supercasual but the only way I wear my Hermes scarves is around my waist (through jeans' loops). Usually I am wearing a tshirt or polo tucked in the jeans and then the scarf folded up in a band and through the loops then just a double knot usually a little bit toward one side (not centered, which seemed to me too formal). I especially like the pointu for this because there isn't a ton of material, and the loose ends are not too long (which to me would also make it look more formal).
  9. I'm in jeans most days at work, too, so I'd love to know some more ways to wear scarves (and of course that would, in turn, lead me to purchas more of them :p).
  10. I love how loony wears hers--folded in half on the bias, knotted in back, so the long V drapes down the front. I wear mine like that with a leather jacket. Loony has a picture like that where she is wearing a hoody. After I saw that picture, I knew I could wear a scarf. I'm super casual!
  11. I wear my 70cms wrapped around my denim dresses.....fold them fairly narrow, wrap around my waist and leave the little scarf "tips" to the side.
  12. :okay:I used to do that when I had a waist!


    I like to fold it in diagonally and twist tightly, (it's actually sort of an overtwist ..sounds a bit barbaric:lol:) and tie it low on the chest or in my hair.

    I saw a girl the other day who had folded dia., made three knots along the length, then tied loosely around the neck... She looked fab!
  13. :heart: Thank you :flowers:

    I'm pretty casual and this is my favourite way to wear a scarf


  14. I think the main thing is get your outfit on and make that scarf work!
  15. Kate Hudson is super casual. The first picture is the reason why I want a plisse so much :upsidedown: