What is the most successful ending time and day for your auctions?

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  1. I haven't quite figured out my magical auction end time yet, but listings of mine that end in a weekday around 6 pm do really well. I sell mostly baby stuff, books, and electronics to get rid of clutter.

    What about you guys? And does it relate to the items you generally sell?
  2. I haven't sold anything other than a few American Girl dolls, clothing, and purses, but Sunday night seems to be a very good time to end (and list). I normally end them around 10pm because by then everyone's had dinner, put the kids to bed, and has time to browse the internet before going to bed.
  3. Sunday night or thursday night between 8-11 pm.
  4. weekday nights and sunday nights around 9pm!
  5. I just listed a whole bunch of Coach that ends on Friday around 8-9 pm. Hopefully that will work. I think I'm going to wait until Tuesday night to list... everyone seems to shop on Sunday at night so with a 5 day auction that should do it. I'll let you know if it's successful.
  6. Sunday nights for sure.
  7. I've been pretty successful with Sunday night between 6-10pm. I've heard Monday nights are good as well. When I had dial-up, listing on Sundays was a pain as everyone is on-line. Now with comcast, its lightning fast!
  8. I agree with Sunday evening ending times (I usually end at 7PST).