What is the most sought after Hermes scarf at the moment?

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  1. Which is the most sought after Hermes scarf at this moment? the one where he collecte:biggrin:rs would go crazy to buy it on ebay? i would love to see pics also. thanks!
  2. I kind of think the H scarf collectors would already have the most coveted scarves for the season. They will have their SAs hunting down the scarves they want.

    And for those still hunting - I think they too won't tell .... until they score it on eBay! LOL!
  3. (...i'm not tellin......) LOL!!!!
  4. Brides de Gala
  5. there are a few at the moment. however doesn't mean you'll like it. out of all the sought-after designs, i think i can safely say i like almost none of them. they're gorgeous of course, just that they didn't bowl me over enough to pull out my cash for them. i think if you do a search, look at action pics etc, you'd get an idea of what's popular atm. good luck hunting!
  6. oh oh oh oh........ hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :biggrin:

    still hunting [​IMG]
  7. btw helpful hint: don't look at robee's threads, she likes all scarves, sought after or not so she'll be no help. she's only good at enabling ;) gggggO robee! :dothewave::party:
  8. is the kachinas hard to find these days?
  9. I'd say L'art d'ecrire is one.
  10. :lol:

  11. Um, usually whatever Robee is modeling that particular day!
  12. ITA DD! :nuts:
  13. TB and RO and Turnadot are almost always sure bets
  14. In 90 cm silk twill, yes- Kachinas are impossible to find in the store and not that easy to find on ebay- the last reissue was a very limited run of only the black, pink and turquoise cws in 2004; the GM c/s was reissued for S/S 2010 so those are fairly easy to find in the boutiques now
  15. ITA! I regret selling my TB the moment I sold it. Now I'm waiting for the next reissue....wonder how long the wait would be.