what is the most satisfied,Young, elegent y item you ever bought from Monogram line?

  1. like speedy,,, and what else:jammin: ?
  2. If monogram cerises counts, the cerises speedy :smile:
  3. speedy
  4. I don't have it but I would say the Mono Papillon
  5. Hmm...I don't know since most of my bags tend to be very casual looking from the Mono line. I'll pick the papillon 30.
  6. I think my Alhambra sunglasses.
  7. I love my monogram Stephen. It is so different from the traditional. I love it.
  8. Sophie. :smile:
  9. I would have to say the Mizi if I had to choose one
  10. mini pochette...definitely young/cute and elegant for night out!!
  11. I think the closest murakami one to the papillon is the cherry blossom collection?
  12. my ellipse. then my speedy.
  13. Popincourt :love:
  14. Hmm...debating between Sophie and Cerises Speedy...

    I think I would have to choose Sophie since it is my latest favorite.
  15. speedy