What is the most prevalent fake where you live?

  1. I was in Target yesterday and I saw a million fake LVs. I'm not kidding-every "LV" in the store was this horrible nasty looking fake. They are everywhere here (Southeast) and sometimes it just drives me nuts. However, LV is definitely the most prevalent fake, IMO. I have noticed some Gucci fakes (horrible, as well) but not as many as LV. I was just wondering if its like that all over or if LV is the most popular fake where you live?
  2. I would have to say LV around here. I saw a hideous perforated one at the supermarket yesterday.
  3. LV. They sell them in the mall at one of the kiosks. Right next to the fake Coach bags. Which is near the ACTUAL Coach store.
  4. Definitely Louis Vuitton. Gucci is a close runner up, and probably Prada too but I'm not 100% for sure since I'm not really a conneisseur.
  5. LV all day. That's why I was so hesitant to get into it.
  6. LV, hands down.
  7. Same here, LV
  8. a lot of LVs and Gucci as well!!!:throwup:
  9. LV - particularly the multicolore ones... It's positively dreadful because I don't even want to carry mine because of them.
  10. LV and "Goach" (Gs all over the bag, instead of the Cs seen on Coach monogram bags). :yucky:
  11. I don't have the multicolore ones, just the standard monogram, but I feel the same way! I don't even want to carry mine any more either! 2 of mine are the most commonly knocked off ones (pochette and cabas piano) and it drives me nuts!
  12. LV here as well...and elongreach your reason for being hesitant is now my reason for really not getting too many more LV bags. I think my Damier Speedy was my last purchase. I'm also going to cancel my order for the miroir alma. I bet there will be loads of those fakes. :blink:
  13. I know all about Goach too. Its everywhere. My friend had to set some rude woman straight about her Goach bag not too long ago.
  14. :lol: We have that too! My coworker has one and it makes me cringe each time I see it. :roflmfao:
  15. My problem isn't when I go to areas that have real bags. It's when I go into the city and I see girl after girl with a fake bag. But I think most of them can tell mines is real because they stare at me trying to figure it out.

    But you have to get that miroir bag so I can live vicariously through you! :biggrin: