What is the most overplayed song right now?

  1. What song seems to be on the radio alll the time?

    I would have to say "Over my head" by Fray...

    I used to like that song until my local radio station plays that song exactly in this line up: Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away or Because of You), Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Lucas Prata, Shakira, Nelly Furtado and then...

    back to Fray... :hysteric:
  2. Rihana songs': SOS and Unfaithful.
    I love them anywayz.
  3. Yesss...the Rihanna songs! Everytime I go to my car they're on some station! Satellite is really bad at overplaying new stuff...and I swear they play it every hour!
  4. i'm so sick of SOS by Rihanna
  5. Def that Shakira song... but I like it so it's ok!

  6. permiscuous girl or whatver it is by nelly furtado! aaahhhhhhhh
  7. I know! I'm always hearing that one- yesterday I was switching between 2 channels and it was on both of them! I think that it's being played way to much.:yucky:
  8. Beyonce's new song de jau vu or whatever. I am sick of it already!
  9. riding dirty. ugggg so sick of that! and definately nelly furtado!
  10. hips dont lie, like it but its gettin kinda old
  11. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
  12. My hips dont bloody lie.

    I may kill myself if i hear it again.
  13. paris hilton's song
  14. Defintely all of those that have been mentioned. But the ones that annoy me the most are the Rihanna songs, "Riding Dirty", and that :censor: Promiscious Girl song. I don't even listen to the radio and I still hear them.
  15. So you had a bad day (Or whatever its called) plays in my head 24/7!