What is the most "not you" item you ever bought?

  1. What is the one item, it could be a high dollar item or an inexpensive item, that you got excited about buying but had buyer's remorse, and why?
  2. LV cerises cotton bandana. it was the first LV piece i ever bought and was SO excited. i still love it, it's SO cute...but it doesn't match anything and it's hard to tie so the little cherries show. i've never worn it, it just lives in its little box.

    also, i always buy whatever trend sunglasses are cool in a given year. last year it was aviators, this year i really want a pair of the big oversized jackie O ones. they're a cheap pair, less than 15 bucks, but i never ever end up wearing them because everytime i try my hubby makes fun of me and how not me they are. :smile:
  3. That would be my anthracite paddy. I absolutely love paddys, but when I got it home, I was truely wishing I had never bought that color.
  4. A pair of crazy expensive platform shoes that were so high it felt like i was walking on stilts! Totally not me. I'm into comfort.
  5. I always buy trendy shoes with heels that I convince myself that I will wear, but never do I...i'm all about comfort. If it isn't comfortable from my first wear, it just sits in my closet.
  6. I know this may seem crazy but the Ink City just wasn't me. :shame:
  7. that would be my first mj: the quinn bag in light blue. somehow it didn't look right on me but i wore it anyways :sad:.
  8. I bought a red jersey dress with a crossover details from Next a few months ago, and at £35 it wasn't mega expensive but it totally doesn't suit me - and I lost a part of the belt detail, so couldn't return it!

    Most dresses just don't suit me, it's time I gave up and stuck to seperates....

  9. I brought a super hot micromini but it ended up show more skin than I like so it's still hanging in my closet. Oh well =(
  10. garter belt. I don't know WHAT the hell I was thinkin... :sad:
  11. A pair of Mary Jane from LV. I loved them when I tried them on, but I never ended up wearing them, which reminds me, I should probably look for them :weird:
  12. fuchsia manolo blahnik mary janes!i was in love with those shoes(the only stilettos i own), they were so sarah Jessica Parker!could wear them just once, they aren't in my style at all!!!bu they're a beautiful sight to see hanging in my closet...:sad::sad:
  13. you guys need to put those things in the Marketplace ASAP! :lol:
  14. Ha!!:lol: I did!:lol: :lol: :biggrin:
  15. do you happen to be a 36 in those?? ;).