What is the most necessary chanel bag to have?

  1. Ok, quick question! What is the most necessary bag to have to your chanel collection? GST? PST? Reporter? Bowler? I know the answer is all of them. But I was wondering what you think.
  2. I thinnk either the PST or the GST.

  3. IMHO, classic flap (medium or jumbo) in black.:yes: I don't think you can ever go wrong. Timeless.
  4. Classic Flap in black:heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. I think after I get my rock and chain I am buying a GST. All these posts about it are making me want one.
  6. i think it'll be classic flap or gst.
  7. Classic Flap
  8. Classic flap :smile:
  9. Classic jumbo in black!
  10. Another vote for the classic flap!
  11. There are indeed a lot of posts about the GST and although it is a great bag, it's the Chanel I reach for least. I have black cavair and it's the fact that I am not a true black bag person, much prefering brown and blue shades. I wish Chanel would make the GST in more caviar colors!

    I think the Luxury Bowler is a necessary bag as well as a baby Cabas.
  12. I guess I would say the most necessary bag to get is the one that makes YOUR heart beat faster :love: There are so many gorgeous Chanels out there, and I think hitting a good boutique or department store and just trying them on is the way to go . . . even a classic flap, while beautiful and timeless, is not for everyone. You will definitely know when you've found a dream bag (or two, or five . . . :drool: ) have fun choosing!!!
  13. I think the classic flap is the most iconic Chanel bag, but I don't think it's for everyone. It took me years and many Chanels to get around to appreciating the beauty of the classic flap. I'd go to a store and try out different styles to see which one suits you most. If you only plan to get 1 Chanel, then it should be one that you would use, not an iconic bag that sits in the closet.
  14. Another vote for the classic flap!
  15. :roflmfao:

    in all seriousness, the classic flap :heart: